I wish people would research before opening their mouths. Mentioning my classes was important because in BASIC LEVEL CLASSES the issue of mistreatment of those disabled is mentioned and discussed thoroughly. Meaning that this is an actual issue that is being pushed for and an attempt to gain support is being made. Those organizations I mentioned range from able bodied women with disabled children to disabled women pushing for their own rights. Once again, Research before you come at me. I also was in no way excusing anyone who becomes an abuser, rapist or anything harmful or murderous in any way. I was pointing out that Lisa Wade was not excusing them either. She was merely pointing out that parents with disabled children often feel alone which cause stress. She was theorizing why they may become an abuser, a rapist, a murderer but NOT excusing them.
When I said don’t get worked up I meant about Lisa Wade publishing an article that in no way excused anyone . I meant don’t say that feminists don’t support this issue because they do. Please tell me more about how active you are in actual social issues outside of sitting on your computer and calling me a “cunt” for pointing out how wrong you are. I’m not saying don’t get upset that disabled people are abused, raped, and murdered everyday. Rage all over the fucking place because that is an actual issue. That is disturbing should make you physically ill from how fucked up it really is, what I’m saying is don’t jump down the throats of those willing to help you, those actually advocating for your rights. I am also not excusing those who ever said you or anyone was not a person. Fuck them. I will however point out that you are taking part in generalization of feminists being twats just as most people generalize that anyone disabled is unable to do anything but live off of others. Neither is true. Once again I am sorry you have only seen the media presentation of feminism but I assure you that is not the general feminist or their views.

Also side note: assuming that I am white, hetero, or anything in the cis-norm because I responded to a post is absolutely absurd.

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